January 29th, 2001


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damn. good weekend.

friday night, picked miki up from the train station, went to dinner at cucina cucina (they have excellent thai pizza). got stoned and watched that new cheerleader movie, sugar and spice. decent movie- i appreciated its realistic aspects more than anything else.

we were thinking about going to a party with jason, shae, and a bunch of other people for louise's goodbye party- but as it turns out i'm kinda glad we didn't because it was way the fuck out in roseville (which is like 20 minutes closer than yuba city) and apparently sucked anyhow- not what i'd call a "rave" from what i heard from jason.

saturday was spent cleaning and packing the house- miki did most of the cleaning. have i mentioned how much this girl rocks? saturday night was our last-hurrah party, which turned out pretty well- we had about 30 ppl at the most, which was more than i was expecting. only drama of the night was a neighbor of ours getting too liquored up and acting like an asshole. miki nearly killed him- wish i could've seen that.

sunday we made the trek up to yuba city for my parent's superbowl party. also a good time, but a lot of driving involved. ah well, i'd better get used to it seeing as i'm gonna be living in berkeley in 3 days.

all in all, best weekend i've had in recent memory.

oh yeah- i haven't listed a project car in a while- scott and i are talking about building a couple of these. (i'd make mine a VR6. 1100lbs and 180hp? yes, please.)
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