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January 26th, 2001

Posted on 2001.01.26 at 16:45
Mood: happyhappy
Music: Dj Venom - Exit To Hard House
well, i heard from jeremy. i have the room in berkeley. on the 1st i'll be giving him a check for $920 to cover two month's rent- this should allow me to save up more than enough for a deposit by march first, and i'll also have an extra month to move this time (whereas next week i'll be moving all my essentials out of tamalpais and into berkeley *on* the first. hope i can swing that.)

louise and i had another, final, fight/make-up last night. i spent a lot of time crying for the first time in what felt like forever... but i feel some amount of closure now.

miki's coming down from SF on the train tonight- she should be here at about 7:30. we're gonna meet up with jon and amber and go see "snatch" tonight. louise asked us to join everyone for a party they're going to tonight- and while i like the idea of one last time unified with everyone, i think the drama potential is just too high- and i *really* don't want miki around if something like that is gonna happen.

tomorrow during the morning/afternoon i'm packing all my non-essential shit up and putting it into storage. i'm planning on throwing out a lot of stuff. i want to get rid of most of the stuff that had sentimental value and start anew.

the one thing i still need to figure out is how i'm going to get my 6' folding table up to berkeley. i may end up renting a van for that and taking a half-day on thursday to move couch/table/decks/mixer/computer/whatever up to berkeley with me.

sunday i'm possibly taking miki with me to my parent's superbowl party up in yuba city. i'm a bit nervous about how they'll react to her- they're 0 for 3 on liking my girlfriends so far, and they just seemed to finally warm up to louise right before i split up with her. but hell- she's my age, and the age difference seemed to be something that bugged them a lot about louise and chelsea... so not much to do about it but see how it goes, i guess.

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