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January 25th, 2001

Posted on 2001.01.25 at 14:40
Mood: stressedstressed
Music: Nine Inch Nails - The Big Come Down
last night i didn't go get my leather jacket from san francisco as planned, but i did head out to berkeley to take miki to Ascension at blake's.

music was decent, micron laid down some good techno- DJ D reminded me why i stopped spinning ukhh/nuNRG but did lay down a couple of good tracks. miki had a few drinks and was very affectionate, which i didn't mind at all. i miss her a lot. she's taking caltrain down from san francisco tomorrow and crashing at the house on friday night, and then hanging out with amber on saturday while jay, lou, shae, and i move all of our unimportant crap out of the house and into storage.

i've emailed jeremy bispo about his $460/mo room in berkeley. it'll be nice to be so close to everyone who still talks to me. the commute will suck ass, but that's life, i suppose- hell, i used to drive down from petaluma every monday morning. i'll need to get new tires on my vr6 as soon as i can. i also need to get my sentra re-keyed so i can move it to the office. *sigh*. i have too many money pits in my life.

but i carry on, as always.

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