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January 17th, 2001

Posted on 2001.01.17 at 16:58
Mood: impatient
Music: Radiohead - The Tourist
yay! got more records today.

this was to be my last batch of ukhardhouse/nuNRG, but since a bunch of my faves got stolen recently, i'll probably be replacing them as well.

but anyway- today i got:

kaktai 13 - base graffiti - funky ass wax
casa dura 3 - base graffiti - l.a. crunch
mohawk 17 - chris c & dynamic intervention - mind bender / monster
DP 21 - sol ray vs johnny dangerous - 2 djs
tripoli trax 60 - dj ziad - get on it / ruff dj
lotek 1 - dynamic intervention - rok to da rhythm
nile 3 - madam zu & dynamic intervention - clear cap
katalyst 5 - sol ray & dynamic intervention - goin' insane
solar 4 - sol ray & the saint - between 4 and 6

Sol Ray has been a favorite producer of mine since i first got into ukhh. i wasn't that impressed with "goin' insane" or solar3 when i got them (this copy of kat5 is a replacement for one that got scratched), but since there are a couple of other new releases from him in this batch, i'll let ya all know what i think. hopefully they're not too cheesy.

i also got a couple of *excellent* breakbeat records at skills the other day- really dark stuff that definitely has a d'n'b flavor to it, which i like a lot. i don't remember what they are right now but i'll have a look tonight and post again when i get home.

i've been playing with them though, and i love how much more freedom mixing with breaks gives you- i ended my set last night by laying two records almost exactly on top of each other and playing with the levels the whole time- you just can't do that with hard-house- it'll sound too "busy".

man, i really wanna get the hell out of the office. i'm bored.

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