January 14th, 2001


(no subject)

wow. been busy.

lemme see if i can remember everything that went on yesterday.

after i finished cleaning up the ants, i discovered 5 of my favorite ukhh/nuNRG records got stolen by those two kids we brought over after Luke's party last weekend.

to make myself feel better about that, i hung out with drew for a bit and we went to Rasputin's where i found a few breaks records as well as a copy of No Women Allowed, which i've been looking for ever since i heard it on Morgan's first CD.

after scoring the night's weed w/ drew i took off for Miki's house with john and amber. we hung for a while and after finding out that UW was busted we hung out some more.

eventually, we all got sick of the candy contingent that miki's roommate had over and headed back to 6408, where we smoked bowls and spun records until about 6 in the morning, when we crashed.

today, i haven't done much other than help jeremy bispo go car shopping. i've since made my way to ryan's house, where we have yet to determine plans for the night- but i'm damn glad i have tomorrow off work. =)