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January 9th, 2001

Posted on 2001.01.09 at 17:36
Mood: sicksick
Music: Tool - 4
wow. slow day. even my friends page is boring.

today's been another day of sort-of-working at mercanti. i'm getting paid a lot and not doing much- mostly desktop-support shit (like helping someone install part of PowerPoint, which i did while writing this journal entry. excitement). i shouldn't be complaining about this, but it doesn't really give me good feelings about job security.

i'm supposed to go to oakland tonight for technofetish with miki/ryan/becca/osby, but i'm not sure i'm going. i've had a cough all day and want to recover *somewhat* before Urban Wasteland on saturday, which is going to be... cold.

feh. i need more than one "mood" field on this thing. right now i'm apathetic and unmotivated and irritable... and yet somehow still generally ok. wierd, innit?

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