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January 5th, 2001

Posted on 2001.01.05 at 16:06
Mood: irritatedirritated
Music: amber doofhouse live
let it be known that marketing guys can forever suck my wang.

(i'm really hoping this journal won't degrade into 8 hours worth of work-related ranting while i'm in the office and then silence the rest of the time while i'm either at home smoking pot or out partying.)

Posted on 2001.01.05 at 17:12
Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Music: dj mook - live @ psylence - 03272000
i just found out Miki was a theatre geek in high school.


this makes me apprehensive. i wonder how many other ways she's like louise.

(she can't come tonight, so it's just me, amber, and jon, and maybe this other dude amber wants.)

tomorrow night, in addition to overworld, a guy i know is throwing a "save the rave forest" party. i would prefer the music at overworld, but everyone i know is going to STRF, including Miki who's working the party. feh. we'll see what happens.

Posted on 2001.01.05 at 18:44
Mood: workingworking
Music: dj kristian - live @ psylence - 03272000
i really need something better to do at work.

but since i have nothing, i've decided to make my profile picture an image of a DJ that i deem bad-ass enough to be worthy of my page. =)

with CloudFactory NYE so fresh on my mind, January's Bad Ass DJ is Forest Green. enjoy.

Posted on 2001.01.05 at 19:51
Mood: confusedconfused
Music: Anne Savage/Lisa Lashes - live @ Sweet Gets Wicked
*sigh* i didn't think i'd be making such constant entries into this thing- but such is the frequency of drama in my life.

i'm talking to louise on IM, and she wants me to teach her how to drive.

earlier in the conversation, she said she wants to be friends, but not for a while- she needs a clean break.

these two things seem to be mutually exclusive, but she's ignoring that.

is closure really so much to ask?

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