Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

if you knew what i'd do to you, you wouldn't stare like that

running on 3 hours sleep makes me useless the next morning/day, even with a fat caffeine infusion. i know this, and yet i go through it every monday morning, for the goodness that is sunday night adult swim, and the privelege of viewing it in good company.

went and saw catch me if you can last night. good shit, recommended. even missed futurama for it.


bought a car thursday night. greenish-blue 1995 nissan 240sx. 5-speed, of course. decided this was necessary after the gti developed engine problems, so of course the nissan already has a CEL after a single weekend of driving. i'd go have it checked out, but i pretty much cleaned out my checking account to buy the damned thing, and won't have enough to pay for a service/tune-up until i sell off some parts for the gti. it isn't behaving any differently, so i suppose it can't be anything major. feh... money's gonna be very short for the next two weeks unless i manage to make some appear somehow.

on the upside, my g60 wheels/kumho tires are going to come off soon, and i hope to pull a couple hundred more out of the car by swapping in some cloth seats and selling off the leather (sorry ryan), and friends in san jose are pretty sure they want to buy the car itself as soon as it's semi-reliable again. hopefully that'll make me feel better about emptying out my savings account.

the 240's damned fun (and perhaps more important, paid for) though, and i can't wait to start working on it.


...yeah, that's about it, i suppose. i'll get better at answering comments soon, i promise. right after i've gone home and passed out for another few hours...
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