Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

"i got forty guys in a van ready to paint your house mang. joo wanna do business?"

i've gotta start checking my journal on weekends... 300 posts to read through on monday morning, and i'm still not done.

goddamn i'm glad december's gone. even running on 4 hours sleep i feel better and more energized today than i did at any point last month. this hit me on friday evening... i hope it sticks around.


so after years and years of wondering where the hell it was, i finally went out to the mystery spot this weekend. managed to confuse the hell out of the tour guide by asking if the carpenter's level she was using to demonstrate *should* read centered on a truly flat surface, given the "mysterious force" acting on it. too bad, she was cute. interesting place, overall.

after heading back valley-side, went and got drunk at bj's (new yuppie restaurant in the apple infinite loop complex) and flirted with sophie's hot british cousins. they were familiar with bangingtunes (hoovers!) but i decided to forgive that because the elder of the two was the spitting fucking image of kirsten dunst. i'm gonna have to heartily echo foobiwan's sentiments on british girls.


new years has inspired me to start collecting vinyl again. no tables to use at the moment, but that'll change at some point, when i have fewer priorities standing in the way.


more along the lines of things i _should_ be putting energy into, i'm still waffling on future career path when i should be making decisions. even if i weren't sick of IT work, it's damned near impossible to find in the bay area.

i've given some serious thought to becoming an EMT- but honestly, these people don't get paid what they should. something's seriously wrong with the fact that i get half again what they do for keeping a bunch of windows boxes happily humming along.

i still can't even decide on whether i'd like to end up back in the bay area (upsides: established social circle, local laws more in-line with my way of thinking) or get my ass out to phoenix (upsides: better IT market, lower cost of living, another music scene to break into, & it's the desert) as i've been planning for ages.

...yeah. feh.


you were my sunrays
without you girl there was no days
never dreamt to speak the phrase
"now what the fuck just happened"
you were the heart i owned
beat just like a metronome
can't breathe my heart is gone
"now what the fuck just happened"

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