Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale


"Sometimes, I just want to wrap myself in aluminum foil, smother myself in sour cream and melted butter, and ride around on city busses telling strangers that I'm the ghost of baked potatos past." -vyoma




inspiration struck last night. (it'd been a while.) i like the idea, and i'm curious to see how it'd pan out, but it'd involve me continuing to live here in yuba city for an indeterminate amount of time. i'm not really in love with that facet of the idea, but if i want to take advantage of a big-fish-small-pond scenario, the small pond kinda comes with the package.

opportunity cost can be such a bitch, but i guess it's good to feel like i have choices.

hopefully i'll be able to afford some of the requisite hardware by the time it becomes available.


guess i'll follow that up with today's horoscope:

At first glance, everything is going just fine. You have a lot of energy, and people put their trust in you. However, the time has come to change directions, and to take a second look at your strategies. There are probably certain things you need to improve in some of the projects you started recently, but there is no hurry! Your wonderful ability to bounce back is going to help you a lot.


i'm gonna try and make a habit of sharing whatever i happen to be listening to while i post. i think i started this once and never stuck with it. it's only my ftp server at work, so you won't pull at more than 12k/sec, but i'll mostly be doing this with single tracks. someone let me know if i f'd the link up, alright?

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