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Posted on 2002.11.05 at 12:41
use the AIM network surreptitiously at work, like i do? be aware. get trillian, and encrypt.


innocentchild at 2002-11-05 19:34 (UTC) (Link)
our new release of etherpeek will have an updated decoder that will allow you to decode the encryptian in that new AIM. so, what you really want to do is create an ssh tunnel to a remote server and use port forwarding. this way all of your data goes out to a remote server via secured connection. your company can't decode that encrypted data. so regardless of if you use trillian or another client that supports aim you need a secure connection out of the office.

it's all really jacked, but for every move a company makes there are several more you can make to circumvent them.
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