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Posted on 2001.03.01 at 14:19
Mood: workingworking
Music: amber doofhouse live
i think i've figured out why depression is such a problem for me. i was thinking a lot about this last night and it seems that whenever i'm unhappy about one specific thing (or group of things, as is the case right now), i have trouble associating the unhappiness with *that thing*... instead i transpose my unhappiness onto whatever situation i'm in, which is why i spent a lot of time sullen and untalkative last night at ascension.

i asked dave if he could book me there sometime and he said he needed a demo. i was kinda amused by that, because all the djs there last night were sucking pretty consistently... but if he wants a demo, i'll get him one.

i'm planning on bailing out of work after our demo at 4 today to go look at the inlaw cottage in hayward i found on craigslist... $900/mo, and a lot closer to work than berkeley, but still east bay. i'm down w/ that, i think.

after i finish up there i'm gonna take my laptop back to the house and record 3 40-minute demos to release to SFR- prolly 8 tracks each. i'm planning on doing one demo as house/light breaks, one w/ darker, harder, nu-skool breaks, and one w/ the grittiest angriest warehouse techno i can put together. (the house/breaks one is the one dave's gonna get, as he's all foofoo and shit.)

after i get the demos out to the proper people (i have another guy who wants a breaks demo as well- he'll get the harder one) i'll release them to SFR as a set of previews for my upcoming work- there's a lot of variance between the three, but if i keep them in a 40-minute format they'll be able to pick the two they like best and burn them to CD if they choose. yeah. i like that idea.

my tires finally came today. since my brakes are almost gone as well i've ordered another set of porterfield R4S's for the VR6, and am gonna pick up a set of Ate vented rotors from new dimensions when the pads arrive on monday, and then get the whole shebang installed at once. i should really get my oil changed too.

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