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Posted on 2002.09.04 at 14:12
Mood: restlessrestless
Music: eminem's stuck in my head
i read an editorial article recently complaining about how there aren't enough semi-verbal methods of driver communication. author lamented that nearly all we've got is the upraised middle finger, which they likened to a tactical nuke- effective? yes, but not always necessary.

having gotten bored with the "bird" years ago, i think i may have discovered the flechette-tank-shell of speechless insults.

when a random stranger is pissed & yelling at you on the road for whatever reason, remember this:

the "yak yak yak" motion with your hand (imagine you're wearing a sock puppet), combined with a bored look on your face (and maybe an eyeroll for effect) will cause the frustration levels of someone who's never met you to transcend mere irritation and shouting, skip Go and the $200, and proceed directly to a vein-exposing, steering-wheel-pounding, apopleptic fit.

have fun.


innocentchild at 2002-09-04 16:14 (UTC) (Link)
or looking at the person and pretending like you're trying to understand them, but can't. that really gets people that yell at me. just mouth *what?* and *huh?* a lot pretend like you're deaf but be sincere about it. Oh and then just smile a shit eating grin. It's a bit more tactful.

I do like the sock puppet idea.
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