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ah, i suppose it's time.

weekend points:

- playing rally driver on dirt roads and bouncing off the rev limiter in 2nd, twice.
- sunburn (& i'm still too goddamned skinny).
- friends *and* attractive people... i'd almost forgotten what both were like.
- nudity in wood-fired hot tubs.
- "i feel like i need to sit down... but the problem is, i already *am* sitting down." -grindnbassline
- music! good(?!) trance, ghettotek, breaks, and aneurysm vs shortbus (mommy, make the bad men stop).
- drunkenness seasoned with green.

there's more but i'll just leave it filed away in memory. i'll not fall into the mistake of the list and its unavoidable omissions, but it was good to see the people i hadn't seen in a while, as well as chill with people i didn't know all that well yet.

i remember what it's like to burn out on partying; so the strategy of heading into town whenever there's a good one like FnF seems logical.


other randomness: los banos ticket has been resolved; one more left, and thankfully, i've already appeared for it, so i just need to finish paying it off.

i have a visiontek xtasy geforce3 ti200 on the way from an ebay seller in san diego. finally, gta3 and i will become one.

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