Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

one last semi-expensive purchase before i resume saving again: GTA3 for PC. simply had to have it. could have downloaded it from kazaa, but i liked it enough to actually pay $50 for it; i suppose it also served to satisfy my conscience regarding the several-gigs-worth of movies i've leeched and reshared since i got tapped back into a broadband connection.

also some minor stuff on the way for the gti- i may pick up a cheapie digital camera to start documenting this sort of thing.


there's a phrase floating around in my head, and it's "guerilla citizenship". more on this concept as it develops.


played this today, and i think it's managed to claim the new spot in my "favorite coin-op racing games" list.

it requires a very steady hand, and a lot of strategy; AI "enemies" block passes even more aggressively than they do in GT3- i restricted myself to four 50-cent plays and managed to get to stage 6 using the Evo V.

finally, i have a real reason to go to the local mall.


depression is so goddamned uninteresting.


so i've had this thing for about a year and a half now- guess it's due time i did one of those poll thingies, eh?

please define, in your own words (and as succintly as possible due to the 255-char limit), the difference between love and codependence. "there isn't one" is an acceptable answer, if you believe that.

answers will not be directly viewable by anyone but me; however, i may post any that i find interesting (after editing to remove nuances of writing style, spelling, and vocabulary; i'm trying to fuck with your head, not your relationship).

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