Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

next unemployment check came today. a little more than 3 grand left on my claim. decent way to start off a week... even after the first round of debt repayment i'll still have a worthy chunk left. not that i need it for anything, but it's a good feeling to simply *have* money that isn't going to be sucked directly into something or other.


just finished watching the first season of initial d. good gravy, that has to be the best cartoon of all time. (from my own perspective.)

it does not help me curb the desire to put money into my car, though.

now let's hope i can get an avi -> vcd program working properly, because well, i *need* the second season, and i have 800mb left on the archive drive.


can't/don't understand them.

what is this, some sort of machiavellian bullshit?
"you're either my friend or theirs - friend of my enemy is my enemy"?

honestly, who can manage their life that way?

i've given careful thought to this part of the post, wondering if i've exhibited this sort of behavior in the past- and i don't think so (or at least, not that i can recall at the moment). i think i'm all too willing to forgive those who transgress against me _directly_, let alone finding reason to dislike person X because they're friends with Y and Y "has been just _such a bitch_, yanno?"

but i suppose if a given person is willing and able to pass judgement on someone, based on who they associate with (however slightly), to the degree of completely terminating a relationship; they aren't a friend in the first place.

she's absolutely right- what's the point of dumping energy into a hole?

fuck it

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