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Posted on 2002.06.30 at 01:47
went and saw minority report tonight. i was really impressed, but thought it should have ended about half an hour earlier. don't wanna ruin the plot for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, so i'll leave it at that.

after that, headed out to the local rice gathering, but got bored after less than an hour. happened to catch a CRX and an integra w/ those god-awful "euro" taillights on the way home. neither was really a contest- the latter was a roll-on race from 50mph and only required 4th gear... but answering the "what the fuck?!" look on the integra driver's face with a slight smirk and a nod was satisfying.

the sad thing is, if i were racing this car down in milpitas i'd get my ass handed to me. as it is, i've started thinking about putting some work into the stereo before doing any more power-producers. when i have money... *glares at EDD*

yeah, i really do have nothing interesting to say.


Tad Griggs
alphakami at 2002-06-30 03:09 (UTC) (Link)
What is the 411 on your car? I'm really not sure. Could be an AE86, could be an AW11, mabye a 300ZX T (Z31, I think is the code) S13? Was there an S12? Shit... I have no clue. Whats under the hood? and the front and rear end for that matter.
Generation Y's Howard Beale
dk at 2002-06-30 03:56 (UTC) (Link)
What is the 411 on your car?

i had an AW11 until recently, but couldn't take both of them with me when i moved- so what's left is:

1987 vw gti
originally a 1.8-8v, engine&management swap to 2.0-16v from an early Passat.

power mods include a k&n drop-in, an intake pipe from autobahn designs, the cylinder head from an earlier 16v (used for its larger intake ports), a chip from GIAC, half-header and catalyst from techtonics tuning, and exhaust from autotech.

handling mods include eibach springs, tokico shocks, and a neuspeed front stress bar.

also popped out the rear seats because i rarely drive anyone other than myself, and the spare/jack because i haven't driven farther than 5 miles from my house lately, and can have someone bring them to me should i get a flat.

my best guess puts it at 160 at the flywheel and 2200lbs right now.

i love toyotas but i have infamously bad luck with them... more due to lack of motivation than anything else. have never owned an AE86, but was the proud owner of an ST165 for a short time, and a couple other less interesting celicas before that.

there was an S12, it was called the 200sx on american shores. can't remember years of production off the top of my head, but it was FR (naturally), and notable engine options included the VG30E and the CA18ET.
Tad Griggs
alphakami at 2002-06-30 05:08 (UTC) (Link)


Ah, the 200SX... looks one helluva lot like an AE86. I've owned Toyota's and Datsuns... I do remember a turbo model, so that must be the CA18TE? VG30E? Knowing what little I do about Nissan engine codes, it sounds like a 3.0 litre, but I was thinking they only offered a 2.0 N/A and 2.0 turbo, and for some reason, I think they were both SOHC 8v's... could be wrong.

Never driven an AW11. What did you think? N/A or SC? Roommate has an SW20 Turbo, but the motor is seized. That should be fun.

Dammnit, I hate GTI's. Know why? They kick my ass at the autox track. Good friend of mine has a GTI, still have the 8v, but rocks ass hard. He's a good driver tho.

ST165? Was that an All-Trac? Never heard that chassis code before...
Generation Y's Howard Beale
dk at 2002-06-30 14:09 (UTC) (Link)
VG30E? Knowing what little I do about Nissan engine codes, it sounds like a 3.0 litre

yup; the same SOHC v6 that was used in the early 300zx's and Maximas. here's an example of one.

Roommate has an SW20 Turbo, but the motor is seized. That should be fun. Never driven an AW11. What did you think?

don't know, it had rod knock when i bought it (for a song)... was planning on making a "7AGE" hybrid out of it and then strapping on the quad-TB's from a 4AG-20v, but never got around to it. i've started working on my car a lot more since i quit smoking weed.

Dammnit, I hate GTI's. Know why? They kick my ass at the autox track.

*grin* well, i'm jealous of yer RWD... finding your journal got me thinking about an 86 as a second car, but i'm leaning towards another A2 jetta because, well, i'm gonna have leftover aftermarket parts when i continue to upgrade my GTI; and if/when i leave hicksville and get a social life again it'll be nice to have something w/ four doors.

ST165? Was that an All-Trac?

yup, the first iteration. mine was a white '88. heavy bastard; the things were tiny inside but still managed to weigh almost as much as a new WRX does. hard to keep on boost with no factory BOV, either; but overall, it's hard to fault the 3SGTE.
Tad Griggs
alphakami at 2002-06-30 16:37 (UTC) (Link)


Damn, I've driven both first gen 300zx's and We own a Maxima with the VG30E. Now I know the engine code. Knowledge is good.

I've considered the 7A-GE hybrid, but I wanna go with a straight 20v blacktop and tune it to put about 180 - 200 to the wheels. That would make me so very happy.

Yeah, I love that RWD. I've tried alot of FF cars, and I just... can't drive them the same. I know they can be fast, but it's not my thing, I guess.

I saw a pristine All-Trac in Knoxville, and I almost had a wreck trying to pull up beside the guy. It was... perfect. I almost cried. He recognized my AE86 as well. It was a good day.

I've heard of people transplanting a 3SGTE into the AE86, which is pretty scary, but not as bad as the 7M-GTE tranplant. I'd fear a 2JZGTE swap, but I'm sure both the 7M and 2JZ would make the car so front heavy it'd be really hard to drive.
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