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God, among other things.

Posted on 2002.06.24 at 13:10
idea stolen from a bunch of people.

jason is...

God. (first link. damn straight.)
a doctor.
a remotely operated sumbersible vehicle.
a Java server.
a certified hypnotist.
"that which is those who are not he."
the happiest he has ever been in his life (riiight.)
an on-line database of scholarship information for postgraduate students.
(all from similar sources)
-loose aboard the spacecraft.
-an unnecessary sequel.
-an unkillable mass murderer.
-lost in space.
-all but gone.
a whistler extrordinaire (available for weddings, parties, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals, conventions, celebrations, and voice-over and soundtrack work).
currently in serious but stable condition.
not only choreographer of Loose Change along with Eric Fenn, but he is also the music coordinator for the group.
approved by the GSA to provide Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services and to provide Environmental support.
still excited about the media, and very interested in electronic music.
also available to conduct seminars on True Love and Relationships for teenagers in your parish, school, or other youth group. (*snicker*)
a dynamo with a real passion for working with teens. (*continued snickering*)
ready to apply his expertise and experience to help solve your business challenges.
Hard to Understand.
acting independently of the Department of Defense.
doing battle with nefarious villains, assorted monsters, wizards of the highest (and darkest) order, pursued by the cream of the Bounty Hunters, and seduced by beautiful damsels in obvious distress.
an accurate psychic and medium.
almost impossible to beat.
creating an information database of the telecommunications and Internet infrastructures within several Central and Eastern European nations.
so happy and insane!!!!

ok, that's enough.


torilove at 2002-06-25 09:53 (UTC) (Link)
a dynamo with a real passion for working with teens

*hack hack*

katieshrike at 2002-06-26 09:12 (UTC) (Link)
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