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Posted on 2002.06.17 at 13:28
Mood: shitty
Music: nine inch nails - eraser (denial; realization)
there are few things i despise more than writing a kiss-ass letter to someone who has some kind of power over me; especially when it's some backwater judge in a podunk city like los banos. however, the fucker's holding my license over my head, so pucker up i must.

apparently i'm not the only person who wants to get in touch with EDD today. well, their phones are live till 6- vengeance will be mine, and i think i'll greatly enjoy proving to myself that in our world of corporate entities as the new iteration of feudalism, overthrow is still possible.

so, on to entrepreneurship.


farnaby at 2002-06-17 15:08 (UTC) (Link)
There are worse things then kissing ass, even if it is to some fool judge in los banos. At least you will (hopefully) get to drive again once all this shit is over.
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