Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

so i just discovered where the yuba city ricers collect on friday nights- pretty sad state of affairs, i think i saw a late-80s corolla with no mods other than blue corner lights. those that did have a little money dumped into them were the body-kitted big-wheeled 5"-exhaust-tipped variety...

so i was immediately inspired to come home and strip about 80 pounds worth of weight from the 16v (don't worry innocentchild, nothing permanent; but it doesn't need a backseat or a spare tire with how infrequently it's currently used), as well as removing the front fender flares (both because the back doesn't have them, and in the name of aerodynamic drag reduction; they stuck out unevenly because a few of the rivets were missing from each). the car appears a little more balanced now, but has gained maybe half an inch of ride height in the rear. ah well, it's "the drag look". whatever. car's lighter, that's what matters. light weight, torque, an 8Krpm redline, and a close ratio tranny. tasty.

i'd love to go lay smackdown on the non-turbo eclipses with 17s right now, but something tells me that wherever they gather for drags, the cops show pretty quickly; there's not a lot else to keep them occupied around here and i don't need to get myself in deeper shit right now.

*sigh* fuck exercising good judgement.

i'll have to get down to sac raceway on a wednesday night soon.

other news: nailed down a fulltime systems/network engineer position today, and got them to agree to let me work side contracts as well. one of my first tasks will be configuring a SAN. also tasty.

also spent maybe 6 hours doing market research and outlining a business plan. but i'll just take pjammer's advice and keep my cards close to my chest on that one.

no anxiety today. i think i'm done w/ that withdrawal bullshit. i've had a lot of energy today; i don't know if i'm manic, or if ADHD is starting to shine through now that there isn't a constant THC haze anymore or...

final note- my 16-year-old cousin has a mullet and drives a plymouth fury with cragars and lake pipes. *lowers eyes and shakes head slowly* he's joe dirt...

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