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right, let's see if i can remember all of them

1983 ford escort 4door (sold)
1989 isuzu trooper (rolled)
1984 toyota celica (dad kept it, the cheap fuck)
1991 sentra se-r (bank reneged on the loan)
1986 toyota celica gt-s (threw a rod and traded it & some cash for the next celica)
1992 vw jetta gl (traded in on the first vr6)
1998 vw gti-vr6 (bought new, wrecked spectacularly)
1997 vw golf gl 4-door (wrecked, but not by me)
1989 toyota celica turbo all-trac (paid $4k to get a new 3SGTE shipped from japan, just before the apartment manager towed it)
1997 vw gti-vr6 (repoed... doh)
1991 nissan sentra se-r (towed... doh)
1987 vw gti-16v (current)
1985 toyota mr2 (current)
yamaha ysr50 (current)

missing those vr6's but it's very nice to own all of my current vehicles free and clear.


horoscope for leo- wednesday, may 29

reality may not allow you to play out your fantasy it this time, even if your imagination is producing healthy fantasies. instead, you must hold onto the image and push it deeper into your dreams. this is part of a creative process as long as you don't forget about the dream. do what is required of you on the outside and go where it feels good on the inside.

yeah, tell me about it.


went to an open mic @ the coffeehouse near solid grooves on the alameda tonight. there is a lot of undiscovered bay area talent. now that my decks are gone i think i need to move into an area of music that has more applicable contexts.


i'm rather proud of myself for only allowing one impulse buy and retaining over a grand in my checking account for this amount of time. need to make appointments for necessary repairs to my gti, though; that wheel bearing gets a little more irritating every day.


and a twinge of stomach pain as i drove away... nothing further.

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