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Posted on 2002.04.28 at 18:13
migration is the failure of roots. displaced men are ecological victims. between them and the sustaining earth a wedge has been driven.

-ernesto galarza


lacking for something to do today, a friend and i went downtown today looking for something to capture our interest. the $9/head admission price to the tech museum seemed a bit high (as well as the fact that that place is great big orange reminder of my dad), and instead headed across the park to the (free) sjma.

as free stuff goes, this is pretty good. if you're in the area, bored, and broke, i'd recommend it.


to name an object is to do away with three-quarters of [its enjoyment]... which is derived from guessing little by little: to suggest it, to evoke it- that is what charms the imagination.

-stephane mallarme


super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis
skrape at 2002-04-28 21:12 (UTC) (Link)
Jesus Jason, I'm never going to be able to see the Tech and not think "Pemberton" ever again. I'm scarred! :(
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