Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

9 hours and $50 left on my mixer. i think it'll sell, which means i can afford to move to AZ (barely).

seems as if i've posted of nothing else in a long time.

being homeless sure has sucked mighty rocks, that could be why.

i can remember many times over the past year considering my situation and wondering if i'd reached the bottom yet; but some part of me saw that i still had a roof over my head and possession of some valuable musical equipment and knew i hadn't (i'm not sure if that's cynicism, before you comment).


i love driving. i know i shouldn't be, but i couldn't care less at this point. i'd forgotten what good therapy it is to have the wind fuck up my hair again.

both windows and the sunroof open, and i'm at wide open throttle through a 270-degree onramp; the first few licks of the guitar prelude to STP's "interstate love song" bleed through the speakers and i wonder if scott weiland's next, and when, while another part of my mind remembers how to find the "balance spot" necessary to maintain steady-state oversteer in a FWD car.

it'd been nearly a year.


I've had this journal for 476 days.

I've posted 617 entries. That's roughly 1.3 entries a day.
I've posted 902 comments which makes 1.89 comments a day.
I've received 1,323 comments which makes 2.78 comments a day.

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