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went and saw dracula 2000 (which wasn't that bad) and hannibal (which got me yelled at by miki, as i forgot she wanted to see it as well) at the drive-in with brandon last night. hadn't hung out with him in a while, so it was good to again.

didn't get the sentra towed yet, so i *have to* go do that tonight after work. however, new tires for my green GTI are on the way. i ordered this new brand that's out called Kumhos, which are really cheap but supposed to be pretty good anyway. we'll see, but i'd need a better suspension in the GTI to really be able to tell the difference- it turned over 50,000 miles on the way to ryan's house on sunday night and there are more than a couple things about the car that are starting to get a little soft. unfortunately, i don't really have the extra cash to remedy them at this point.

speaking of money, look at the date... the 21st... and do we have our deposit back from melissa yet? OF COURSE NOT. i've been harboring the fantasy of swinging by the rental office on my way to 6408 and keying the shit out of her car all day. come to think of it, we never got our $1000 "deposit" back from that asshole in san mateo either. i should get in touch with louise about that- i know she could use the money.

i found loft space for rent this morning- $575/mo, with first, last, and $300 deposit required for move-in, which i have another five weeks to come up with. $1450. i can do that.

feh, another day down the tubes in the world of the dot-com.

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