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and back to reality

fuck. "next week", again.

this sorta screws things up.

i'm about five minutes away from setting fire to the server room in this place and walking out with the extinguisher, especially since there's no sprinkler system and i know we're not backed up at the moment. it's a good thing i don't have easy access to projectile weapons.


i need a capable car and an empty freeway to double the speed limit on-
too bad i haven't heard back about my 16v.
too bad the fucking government has allowed some skeezy hispanic asshole in the san jose ghetto to swipe it out from under my nose and REGISTER IT without so much as a verified signature.
too bad i didn't make a decision about moving to arizona two months ago, when i actually had *some* money.

it's all just too fucking bad, isn't it.
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