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i've been procrastinating on moving my "good" computer downstairs in order to reintegrate it with the tables and mixer- until i do that, i will most likely not be doing a mix CD.

however, for those of you who want *something*, download this. i don't wanna call it a "mix", since i really just threw a bunch of tracks together with acid, but i like the result, regardless of the process.

i guess it's "audio artwork" consisting of several genres. probably not what you're expecting from me, but since the comment "how uncharacteristically jason" was made of me last night... whatever, right? (& no, it's not only electronic. there be lyrics here.)

it's about 71 minutes long and just shy of 100mb at 192kbps (i'm a sound quality snob). if you ask me very nicely i might even send you a copy on audio CD.

& if you're still reading after that, you're obviously a high-bandwidth user, so you might be interested to know that my live365 station's finally operating again. link's where it always was, on my top navbar. after a *lot* of synchronizing between home and work mp3 collections (with a lot still left to go), the stash is up to 122 hours by now. enjoy.

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