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shit. if this gonna be *that* kinda party : ima stick *my* dick in the mashed potatoes

i'm either waiting for an opportunity, or just an excuse.
not sure which.


sometimes the music i post with is just what happened to be playing; sometimes it fits my mood, or helped me shift it. sometimes i just browse whatever i have queued and my eyes land on something, and that's it. this is an example of the latter.


i'm finding it tough to motivate for work right now. i suppose i could try a different approach on one or both of my projects today. we'll see. at the moment i'm not really willing to commit to "doing" anything other than having a quick toke, popping the new nin album (which i still haven't fully listened to) in my discman, and hopping on light rail. (& on second thought, nix on that as well. i need to be able to jobsearch without looking over my shoulder all the time.)


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