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the lives of my friends are starting to parallel my own. (i think we all need to get the fuck out of here.)

deuxmacht (12:46:42 AM): idunno. when i came back on the airplane from phoenix today, we were flying over morgan hill and there was this brown haze over the entirety of the bay area; only visible until the plane entered it. that seemed like a very literal representation of the way i feel about it here.

can't find better words than that.

when i got off the plane at the airport, for some reason my sense of direction was reversed and i caught a northbound train at the caltrain station and got two stations farther before i realized my mistake; and even after switching trains it still felt like i was heading north until we got to the san jose arena.

something tells me that's a strong indicator that my perception here really has become skewed, and i needed some time away to... recalibrate? i hope i can find a decent job out there- i just saw a listing on monster for a level-II position that required 7 years of experience and a degree. *grimace*

i'm level-III and have been for 2 years... i hope my quick career ascent hasn't given me unreasonable expectations for the "corrected" job maket.

i'm visualizing very good news when i go into work tomorrow while having my bedtime bowl. (ah, sweet california green.) night.

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