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FUCK. i just typed out a 3-page entry and then lost it in clipboard via too many cut-pastes. hopefully i can reconstruct it, but the out-of-context quote about louise smoking ass is forever gone, since i've closed her im window. feh. ah well,


decided i needed a different environment to inhabit yesterday, so i woke up, showered, hopped on the scooter, and theatregeeked at SCP for a few hours.

they didn't really *need* an extra crewman on hand during the rehearsal, but i got to sub in and spot-op for the first time for a few cues, and they seemed to appreciate having another "young(er) person who doesn't mind lifting heavy things" around when it came time to strike.

the show they're currently prepping for, Godspell, is done very minimally- but it's *quality*. SCP appears to be going through thin times as far as community participation goes, but it looks like this has led them to work much more efficiently with what they've got. set design and lighting work are more impressive than anything i've seen from this company since i first went to one of their shows back in 1998 (& "holy shit" to that - two days from now that'll be four years ago).

so yeah- that was cool, haven't done it in a while. being a theatre interpretation of the Xian gospel according to Matthew, the subject matter wasn't exactly new or interesting to me, but there is truth to be found anywhere, and even though i'm no longer of Xian faith it's possible to recognize truth and good lessons in the story- and boredom was usually averted because there was always *some* kind of eye candy to look at, between the excellent production work and the fact that this i the "young adult" (age 16-24) show. (*grin* lou, i still say it's all about the mena suvari lookalike. but at least we can agree jesus is cute ;)



"inchoate" - adj.
- Recently, or just, begun; beginning; partially but not fully in existence or operation; existing in its elements; incomplete.

"recondite" - adj.
- Not easily understood; abstruse. See Synonyms at ambiguous.
- Concerned with or treating something abstruse or obscure: recondite scholarship.
- Concealed; hidden.

happened upon these in a book i was reading and didn't know their definitions; if one person reads this and retains the information, i will have (however slightly) increased the collective intelligence of the human race. there's something cool about that.

the irony of these is not lost on me.


ain't it shit how it's a lot easier to be honest about actions and their negative effects when the actions are those of others?

that seems kind of sophomoric as i proofread this post, but i'll hold that it's also a lot easier to say "well yeah, duh" to a statement like that than it is to actualize it.


"There is no worse torture than knowing intellectually about love and the way" - Jelaluddin Rumi


so the meeting apparently went well this morning. we have "piqued their interest" (direct quote). somehow i knew that would be the result before i got to the office; occasionally i get a flash of- (clarity?) certainty about something and this... i've got it now, which makes it much easier to ditch anxiousness and simply sit back and wait.

i managed to spend less than $60 over the entirety of the weekend, and the roomie hasn't asked about rent yet, so when he does i'll bug the boss for the remainder of my paycheck. till then, i'm pretty relaxed. the only battles i really have to fight at the moment are fighting my compulsions- since i'm not spending money on green anymore it's very tempting to go drop an 8th's worth of cash on a few new records down at solid grooves- but i shouldn't, so i won't.

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