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Posted on 2002.02.07 at 23:48
Music: Keltech - Agony
one track, got you on your back

imsotechno said the word i'd been looking for for a while... limbo. i feel like i'm suspended by a wire grafted into my spine between the shoulder blades... allowing motion, but preventing movement.

skin speaks up but your lips couldn't say it

right now i'm really wishing i'd had the foresight to develop another skill set. i suppose i could be selling myself short here- i can type over 100wpm, and the inherent knowledge of microsoft products that's gone along with my current line of employment is surely an asset of some kind.

right now i know somehow

i'm going to arizona later in the month. while i'm there:
good: i'm seeing gravity kills
bad: i'm missing her show
goddamn i'm a retard, i'd been drilling February 22nd into my head for how long?
fuck it, i'm only fooling myself thinking she cares if i'm there anyway.

we could take a chance

how i'm feeling right now is that i'd like to be more than two degrees separated from a lot of people.

we could make it, make it

or not.

blah. why do i get into these cycles? i'd really liked to have posted something vaguely positive today.

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