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Posted on 2002.02.07 at 15:39
Mood: restless, lonely
Music: Human - Home (home grown mix)
ok, my availability has been reposted on dice. (complete with lowered salary requirements. bleh.)

here's hoping someone needs some desktop support in phoenix... i could damned well deal with not being the only IT person at a company, and i'd go back to "i can't print! my email doesn't work! etc" in a second if it afforded me a *full salary* once again.

(i've noticed the f-word has made itself much more prevalent in my vocabulary lately. i'm trying to stop that.)

ok, off to go reconfigure a cisco after everyone leaves merCANTi... whee. on second thought, it's a little too rainy to scooter, and i don't care to dump myself off of that thing twice in a week. oh well. guess i'll go plunk down on the front porch, finish a book, and have a clove.


torilove at 2002-02-08 01:26 (UTC) (Link)
heh. my mother just told me i could leave whenever i wanted and not in the "i'm angry so i'm just saying this" way. she actually meant it.

i'm thinking of taking andrew up on his offer of roommate-status.
maybe i'll see you more in az than i do here. ;P
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