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i spun some records again last night- put together about a half-hours worth of nu-skool breaks for my set at tina's on saturday. i hope i can pick up a few more before tina's party on saturday.

i miss spinning records- seems like i barely have time to anymore. sucks to think that i waste about 2 hours of every day sitting in my car going from berkeley to sunnyvale or back.

i'm wondring if miki and i might be spending too much time together lately. it's not that i'm not completely into her- i'm just worried that i'll start taking her for granted, because in retrospect, i've certainly done that with other gf's before her. this morning when i dropped her off at the bart station instead of our usual *KISS* i got -smooch-.

feh, or maybe i just worry too much.

plug o' the day: this chick fucking rules.

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