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i don't know if i'm gonna bother with this livejournal much anymore.

i was *really stoned* all weekend. like wake-n-bake both mornings and don't stop till i pass out at 4am.

this was a fairly chill, if useless, weekend. i don't remember a whole lot of it clearly. friday night i was still tired from moving so miki and i stayed at her "plur-pad", chilled, smoked pot (of course), passed out eventually. i think i spun a few records at some point. we watched Groove- first time i'd seen it. good movie. i passed out while we were watching Dracula.

saturday during the day we drove down to the south bay in order to call a tow truck to remove my sentra from 6408. we waited about two hours and... nothing. we were planning to head to eklektic @ night, but neither of us were in the mood to go out and party, so we swung by Vallco instead and saw brandon at hot topic.

he was working really late (mall closed at 8, he was off at 9:30) & we were hungry so we told him to meet us at Friday's... he never did. i was/am pissed off about this. we showed up out of the blue and he said he'd told jesse he was going to do something with him tonight, so it's not like he was *obligated*... but FUCK, the least he could have done was swing by Friday's and tell us he was doing something else.

the funny thing is i'm getting that sort of vibe from everyone. like i'm persona non gratis or something. well, whatever. to be quite honest i'm sure the past 3 years are times i won't forget, but not for lack of trying.

saturday night was just another chill night at the plur-pad. more pot, spun records, etc.

sunday i drove back down to SJ *again*, still in search of a tow truck to haul my sentra away... another two-hour wait and still no luck. wtf is up with these people? i'm willing to pay them $110 to transport a fucking car across a city- that's a hell of a deal, seeing as what they pay for is gas money and whatever the hourly rate for the driver is...

so, greatly frustrated, i drove up to the city to meet miki, who'd been shopping on the haight with alej all day. hadn't been a good day for alej either- he lost his phone on a muni bus, so poor miki had to deal with two sullen pissed-off ravers. but she bought me a tin of djarum's- an actual tin, not just a box- so i felt better.

i went into amoeba on haight and bought myself another copy of Pretty Hate Machine since my original got scratched, and a copy of the Down In It single as well. & this morning i got Downward Spiral, Broken, and the "Closer" remix records as well. hopefully i'll have enough material with all this NIN vinyl to put out a CD full of remixes... i'm still trying really hard to find the "opal" remix of Head Like A Hole on vinyl, though, i think that would lend itself to mixing with some hard nu-skool breaks.

wow, i'm editing the fuck out of this post, aren't i? it started out as one line.

i've got a ton of shit to do now- changes have come down from the adminisphere for my wishlist utility. fun. more later, i guess.

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