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so yeah. this is it.

last night ended crappily. there was a network problem at work- someone decided to bring a machine onto our network with a NetBIOS name of "ADMINISTRATOR". fucking brilliant. this caused people to be unable to access shares on servers, and of course George and Trey felt that they had to explain this to me monosyllabically (and very slowly) while i was trying to fix it.

FUCK YOU ASSHOLES. this is MY NETWORK, i know how it works, and i don't need it explained to me that you usually access shares through the Network Neighborhood.

*sigh* i dunno. i guess it must feel a little threatening to be in your late 40s and work with someone half your age who makes almost as much as you do.

from there, i went home and packed up all the crap i could find that's destined for storage, and dumped it in the back of my GTI- got to the storage place at 9:30. i look at the gate- it says gate hours are till 10pm. i punch in the entry code and it says "sorry- after hours". someone wanna explain that shit to me?

at that point it seemed that the world just wasn't going to let me get any more work done so right now all my stuff's still in the back of the car- i'm planning on taking it to the storage place on my way home (and i don't give a *shit* what happens- i'm bailing out of work at 5 today).

this is... incredibly stressful.

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