Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

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blah. my favorite liquor store across the freeway was closed when i got there at quarter past 8 this morning... & the nazi turdlet troll-lady at the nearby 7-11 refused to believe i'm not over 17... need nicotine, damnit. gonna go try again...

have decided the route i'm gonna go with the MR2 is the 1.8-liter 7AFE shortblock from a later corolla/celica. the bottom end of the engine is the only part that needs replacing, and i can think of few mods as effective as an extra two-tenths of a liter. an article here indicates this should be doable without too much drama.

now i've just gotta see where i can find one the cheapest. i want to get these cars running and sold, damnit.

ok, off ISO nicotine.
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