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so yeah. one more day left.

jeremy bispo said it was cool for me to haul my shit up to berkeley on the 31st.

amber and i are gonna need to talk about the remainder of the shit in the master bedroom and garage, because except for clothes that are gonna go in boxes tonight, none of it's mine.

i have this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind that i'm forgetting something, and that it's gonna bite me in the ass somehow. maybe it's just my brain telling me that i should really have my shit together by now.

my registration on the GTI is due in a week and a half- something tells me i'm not gonna be ready by then. (but i just signed up for lawyer insurance at so we'll see how quickly this can get handled. i've taken the first step, which always seems to be the hardest one for me for some reason.)

hmmm... what else... oh yeah, kevin pulled his "so, what've you been working on?" bit on me again, after giving me nothing to do this week. i hate having to validify my own job. GIVE me shit to do, damnit- there are times in my life when i don't feel like being a motherfucking "self-starter".

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