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Posted on 2001.12.03 at 16:17
Mood: bored & unmotivated

If you can work at home, you should. The peace and quiet will help you accomplish so much more. It will help your own emotional well being to work in a relaxed and uninterrupted atmosphere. You should have some time left over to do something you enjoy.

goddamn i wish i'd read that before i left the house this morning.
but, i needed my paycheck today; always good to pay rent.
& let's hear it for fucking DSL. pacbell may suck but at least they're still up.


from penny arcade

also check out get fuzzy. it rocks. their strip from my birthday this year is hilarious, but not online, so i'll have to scan a friend's copy.


christ, i need something to do. was gonna try and get my station going again today but it looks like live365 is completely MIA...

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